Key Performance Indicators

Quality Assurance

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Key performance indicators

At Innowerx, Quality consciousness is at the heart of each business activity. We have structured and well-defined Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 Rev.D standards. Customer requirements are thoroughly reviewed, clearly documented, and effectively communicated down the supply chain to ensure 100% compliance at the end of project/product life cycle. The quality tools implemented by us to ensure zero defects and zero customer complaints are as follows :

A good understanding and clarity of scope at the start of the project plays an important role in its holistic and timely completion. Depending on the complexity and scale of the project it is divided into its macro and micro elements so that no detail is left unattended. Manufacturing inputs are provided to the customer for better DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and subsequently PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis) is done to minimize the production risks. This enables to make logical and conscious decision and avoid unwarranted trials. Once the design and process are finalized a series of sample validations are done and the results recorded become a source for continual improvement. The output of this drill is to manufacture quality product at First Time Right leaving with more opportunities for continual improvement. This will help you in rapid progression from inception to completion thereby saving a lot of development cost.

This is a standard protocol followed by us during production. Targets defined for each process are measured and analyzed with the help of various SPC tools. Opportunities for improvement are identified and assigned to a team of qualified engineers who implement the corrective and control actions. Improvements in the customer product are recorded and a portion of its economic benefit is passed on to the customer as value addition.

This cultural approach at Innowerx has proven to add intangible value to the customer product. Our strategically structured 6S teams dedicate 15 minutes every day for pre-defined 6S activities and periodic cross team audits are conducted for its effective implementation. Reduction in wastage, better inventory control and streamlined processes enable us to operate at our maximum efficiency thereby providing better service to our customer.

On Time Delivery

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Key performance indicators

Each project is dealt with differently based on the deliverables of the project. Project Managers review the project deliverables based on which Gantt charts are prepared for better monitoring and control. An in-built AI powered MRP ensures efficient allocation and timely availability of resources.

Timely completion of a project is largely dependent on effective planning of Man, Machine and Materials. The inter-dependency of these three aspects during simultaneous execution of multiple projects is often neglected leading to overstressed and overstretched projects. Our in-built AI powered production planning module can forecast and perform dynamic planning of resources considering the unexpected and unwarranted changes in production.

Our customized ERP system enables to record, track, and execute customer orders right from lead generation to shipping thereby ensuring complete documentation and traceability to its original parts. You can virtually access your project data, evaluate our performance, and live tracking of on-going orders.

Customer Experience

Your Satisfaction is our Motivation

Key performance indicators

Each customer will be given a unique login credential to access all the information. Customers can evaluate the overall performance, view project summary, and track the status of ongoing orders. Customers can also put their queries, complaints and send messages whenever needed. You will never feel disconnected and be in complete control of the project developments.

Bar codes engraved on the parts and documents provide you with complete information about the part. This provides a critical input during preventive maintenance, breakdowns and troubleshooting experienced at the end user. It allows the customer to track the part life, its operational performance and perform effective root cause analysis in case of operational failures. All you need is a smartphone with a barcode scanner, and you will have the information you need at your fingertips.

We never let our customers to feel distant and disconnected. We will respond to your queries within 12 hours with relevant and accurate information. We also take regular feedbacks on order basis to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Any suggestion given by the customer is promptly acted upon and updated.